Freelance Artist | Project Diva Player & Charter |
Twitch & Tiktok Streamer

♡ About Me ♡

★ HiHi! I'm Heartstar! You can call me
either Heart or Maria for short!
★ I'm a freelance artist with a chibi/anime artstyle and a cozy streamer on Twitch!★ I enjoy to playing games such as Valorant, Minecraft, and etc... but my #1 favorite being
the Hatsune Miku: Project Diva series!
I've been playing since 2014!


♡ My boyfriend, Josh♡
Animals: Bears, Rabbits, and Cats
Sanrio: Pompompurin
Boba: Taro and Black Sesame
Fav Colors: Navy Blue, Maroon, and Mustard Yellow
Vtubers: Korone Inugami, Amelia Watson, and IRYS
Music: Vocaloid, City Pop, K-pop, Indie, Jazz, and Lo-fi


★ Heights
★ Loud Noises
★ Big Crowd of People
★ Hot/Humid weather
★ Being woken up from a good nap
★ Licorice candy
★ Olives

♡ FAQ ♡

How long have you been drawing?

Traditional drawing - 2011
Started drawing digitally - 2015

What art programs do you use?

iPad Pro -> Procreate and Clip Studio Paint PRO
PC and Macbook Air -> Clip Studio Paint EX

What brushes do you use?

Studio Pen, SAI Brush Lineart+Shading , and Round Brush

Clip Studio Paint:
G-pen, Line Drawing Pen , K-Outline , and Retro Uninterrupted pen

How long have you been streaming?

Started Streaming -> 04.25.2016
Obtained Twitch Affiliate -> 02.21.2018

Who made your vtuber model?

• PNGtuber+ Model made by Me!
• Customizable MO Model made by Sakurai_mon
• Customizable Type-H1 P2U Model made by 0x4682B4
They've made cute models and assets! Definitely support them! ♡

♡ Character Reference ♡

Art Tag: #HeartstarArt

Heartstar V2.0
Sep. 2023 -> Present

♡ Past Designs ♡

Heartstar V1.0
Jan. 2023 -> Aug. 2023

♡ Past Fanart ♡